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A&M Transport 2021 SmartWay Excellence Award Recipient – YouTube

Core Elements of SmartWay
There are three core components of the SmartWay Program.
1. The SmartWay Transport Partnership
Freight shippers, carriers, logistics companies, and other stakeholders partner with EPA to measure, benchmark, and improve logistics operations so they can reduce their environmental footprint.
2. The SmartWay Brand
Through SmartWay technology verification and branding, EPA has accelerated availability, adoption, and market penetration of fuel-saving technologies and operational practices while helping companies save fuel, lower costs and reduce adverse environmental impacts.
3. SmartWay Global Collaboration
EPA works with a broad range of national and global organizations to harmonize sustainability accounting methods in the freight sector. SmartWay also provides support to global policymakers that wish to model transportation sustainability programs after the SmartWay program.