Thank you for your inquiry into Team Jake and for your consideration in becoming a team member.  The first thing that you should know is that A&M Transport is a family owned and operated company and  once you’ve come aboard, you will be considered part of the family.  This means that you won’t just be another employee with a number; But, people within this organization will know your name and will actually call you by it.  So, if the idea of being treated with respect by your employer and working within a family business is within your DNA, then please read on………

A&M Transport is a 165 truck operation operating mainly on the I-5 corridor throughout Oregon, Washington and California although we do wander into Arizona, Nevada and Idaho everyone once in a while. The fleet trailers consist of dry vans, flatbeds and taut-liners (curtain vans) so a driver has options when it comes to the type of equipment that he or she wishes to operate.

Our home base is in Glendale Oregon which is located along I-5, 80 miles north of the Oregon/California border.  In general geographical terms, we’re about half way in between Grants Pass and Roseburg.  We are often questioned on the decision to locate a business out in the middle of “no where” and the answer to the question lies within family history, of which we won’t go there now!!!  But, I can tell you that our geographic location has some great advantages as it relates to managing a log book and servicing our customers in California and the Pacific Northwest. Furthermore, our terminal location has proven to be very beneficial in maximizing our drivers’ home time.

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We look forward to having you on the team.

Andrew Owens
Chief Operations Officer